Rick James- Senior Toolpusher

Rick James- Senior Toolpusher








Q: Please introduce yourself.

A: My name is Rick James. Born raised, and still living in Lake Charles- Louisiana. Happily married and a father of two beautiful daughters. I have been working in offshore drilling for 34years. Have been pretty much all around the globe, but most of my work life passed on the gulf (Gulf of Mexico).


Q: What is your job position?

A: Already retired for 4 years. Like most of the drilling personnel, I have been through every job in the field. For the last 11 years of my career, I've worked as a senior toolpusher on a semi-submersible at the Gulf.


Q: What was the most challenging part of your job?

A: You know, in a job like this, you can find challenges every day. When I started my goal was to get in the chair of the toolpusher. Once I got into it, I realized that things aren't so pretty as they look. I mean even as a driller at a certain point I could call the pusher for guidance. But once you got in the boots of the pusher, you are the person that needs to solve the things. That's not always easy and the pressure you get from outside might be hard to chew for some.


Q: What your job gave you?

A: Well, that’s simple. The job in the oilfield gave me many things, but security was the main advantage. Financially the job helped me a lot. Thanks to my career I can afford the life that I live and can support my kids with their endeavors.


Q: What your job took from you?

A: Time. It took me some of my time with my family. Some happy moments that I never witnessed. The worst thing is when you realize that your kids are already grown, and you are missing from many of their childhood memories.


Q: What was the most satisfying moment in your job?

A: Hmm... For sure there are many of these moments. Over the years I had many of them, but the moment when I realized that my crew follows me as a leader not only because of my position but because of who I am was the moment that kept me motivated through those years.


Q: What was the worst moment in your career?

A: As everywhere, I had some of these moments as well. But maybe some of those times, that you need to be home, but you are not, because you are on the rig, are the worst.


Q: If you could go back in time would you choose a different career path?

A: If I have these abilities, I would definitely change some things, but my job won't be one of them.


Q: How would you describe your job in two words?

A: My JOB!


Q: What are your future plans?

A: To enjoy my time with my family, and to travel around the world with my wife when this COVID is gone.




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